Every real estae transaction in Nevada requires energy consumption evaluation.

The real estate transaction only requires that the form be completed - not an energy evaluation. Certainly not an energy audit. This is the latest demonstration of feel good government in Nevada and serves little purpose.

In all but one of the inspections/transactions I have done since the beginning of the year the form has been waived by the seller and buyer.

Also keep in mind that all bank owned properties and properties sold to family members are excluded from this trivial requirement.

It’s a step in the right direction. More and more cities are moving in the direction of Austin, Texas.

Auditors are being trained in their schools how to include the energy efficiency of a home in its value. Federal test programs are already underway in certain cities honing a system of rating, on a scale of 1 to 10, the energy efficiency of an existing structure.

Future home prices and tax rates will be affected by these ratings. This is, IMO, the future of our industry and will eventually replace the random and inconsistent descriptions of various components.

Sounds like a future additional Move In Certified service if you ask me.

The Department of Business and Industry calls it an “energy consumption evaluation”: http://www.nachi.org/documents/ib019-energy-consumption.pdf

Poorly named, I agree. It is more of a disclosure.

I agree. You should develop a special “Move In Certified” for energy auditors to provide home sellers. Use me as your test flight monkey and launch me into space with it.:smiley: