Everybody Knows Condo Bob

***Right Bob???***:p:p:p:p:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

Okay Linas, what did he do now??? :shock::p:D

He’s famous. He called and said he met someone downtown that heard about “Condo Bob”. They asked if he was the guy with all the websites or something like that. I’m sure he’ll fill you in when he sees this post.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Ok, I gotta hear this one. What did you do Bob?

:shock::shock::shock::shock: this ought to be good:p

Must be downtown yet!!!:smiley:

He probably didn’t pay his website union dues and they’re “roughing him up” :slight_smile:

Oh My Gosh!
Thanks Linus:)

Just got in ,from what is becoming long days doing commercial draws, thanks to Linus.

Got me to apply, and now I am the Fannie Mae go to guy.

He also is the first one to call me Condo Bob last year if I recall correctly.
Reason is that 90% of all my Inspections since being in business are Condos.

Yes they pay less ,but I have a Multi -unit background and no body else wanted them (hehe).

Worked well to start my biz and I enjoy the type of client that buys them as web savy , educated ,and wanting to learn as first time buyers,which fits right up my alley ,as I talk peoples ear off. Not that I mean too …just do not get me .started.

So I start my Management Interview today and the Office head mentions rentals are a little tougher ,what with al the Condo’s being sold.

I mentioned how a few of the guys call me Condo Bob and she said (OH are you Condo Bob) I heard about you as the guy with all the web sites.

I just sheepishly said (yep that’s me).

Did not know I would come home to this thread.

Thanks again Linus.:roll::twisted: eye yi yi.


You can Mr Green this…
Ready to have a heart attack from all the darn paperwork.:mrgreen:$

You are missing a marketing goldmine Bob

Sounds good but who in the heck is going to type condo bob while looking.

Hahha who knows,as someone in Hawaii has Condo Bob already …the rascal.

Bob, you seem well on your way to branding your self as Chicago Condo Bob, why not capitalize on it. :smiley:


](http://javascript<b></b>: popFaq(1280):wink:

Ok Ok already
I will go get it now for the lousy 50 cents a year or what ever.

Now I can blame you too…jerk.:cool:

QTYITEMPRICE1.COM Domain Name Registration

  • 2 Years$20.38CHICAGOCONDOBOB.COM Subtotal: $20.38Shipping & Handling: $0.00Tax: $0.00Total: $20.38

One more hot domainis available.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::twisted::twisted::twisted:

http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGLJ_en___US217&q=condo+bob :p:p

Now I got the website to prove it.
All a need is my pith helmet and hunting rifle.

Condo Bob, Trade mark??

Jungle Jeff,Linus has me running to Rolling Meadows at 5pm so I may miss the meeting.