Everyone be here Monday for InterNACHI's online Christmas Party. Win big!

Largest event in the inspection industry each year.

What does it start?

How long will it go?

Not all of us are in the same time zone.

Thats about what I was going to ask?

When Nick says.

As long as Nick wants.

Are you in Nicks time zone?

Has it started yet?

Good luck guys , I have to work

It’s going to be a Merry Christmas.

It will start @ 12:01 AM.
It may show up anywhere at any time.

Thanks for the pic Frank, spoiled my breakfast!

Wish I could make it. Have a 9am appointment, check presentation to Salvation army at noon and another inspection at 2pm.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

So in any forum?

I think so, makes sense to me.

Fortunate enough to be booked all day, but will check in and hope others enjoy. Merry X-Mas!

I have 2 full inspections and a house to winterize. Save me some pie.

Full day for me also.
Two inspections, a 60 year old and a 114 year old to inspect. Radon on both.
My sister is arriving tomorrow from out of state.
Monday night football: Denver vs. Cincinnati.

Like Robert said, save me some pie. :cool:

Doing write ups all morning I may just do my work with another laptop alongside me. Get it all done and a little fun.

Wheres the gifts???

I am ready. Let the games begin…

Oh, today’s the day.

Pssst over here yeah that’s right come over in the dark alley . so your heard Nick is giving gifts right . well if you walk away from the key board and just be patient . your going to MISS IT lol Well guys some of us have to work so have fun .

Looks like you have things covered;-)