Everyone invited to my place to inspect a very unusual commercial building on all Monday May 15, 2023

You are all invited to a project I am completing on my farm at 3124 Holly Street in Frederick, CO (corner of Aggregate and Holly) on Monday, May 15, from 1 to 3PM.

We’ll be inspecting a building I built that has plenty of unusual features that you won’t normally find on your average inspection. It’s good to see rare issues, systems, and components. The building is designed (by me) to look like a normal stable/barn on the outside. But it is actually quite unusual. It has:

  • Steel posts and beams.
  • A chase for a large dumbwaiter.
  • 480V, 208V, and 3-phase electrical systems.
  • Cementitious exterior siding including commercial exterior drywall.
  • No conventional lumber. All LVL, LSL, and engineered floor joists.
  • No OSB, all 3/4" plywood.
  • Entire building on 28 foot-deep caissons to bedrock to account for local expansive soils.
  • Staircase hung with cantilevered landings to account for local expansive soils.
  • Custom-designed overhead horse stall doors.
  • An 8 foot-diameter open atrium to third floor.
  • Custom-made Steel handrails and guardrails.
  • A steel mezzanine with forklift gates.
  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation.
  • Cantilevered steel balconies.
  • Commercial metal roofing.

A live closed-cell insulation demo will be taking place. Nick Gromicko, one of our engineers, and one of our welders will all be on hand to answer questions.

Our crew chef will be on hand to provide with with plenty of great food and drinks. He’ll be using the 1-ton grill: Nick Gromicko's 1-Ton BBQ Grill. - YouTube

Bring a friend or spouse. The event is free.

From I-25 to Dacona exit, West on 52 less 1/2 mile, North on Aggregate 1/2 mile to property on right.

For more information about commercial property inspections, visit: www.ccpia.org

Email me if you are coming and include the number of people in your party: nick@internachi.org

I’ll see ya all on Monday! - Nick Gromicko


Nick, what’s this building going to be used for?


That structure has a huge WOW factor. Looks like an engineering marvel.


My heavy equipment refurbishing company.


I wish You were closer , that looks like it would be fun to crawl around in…


That would be a fun day!


Really nice building, Nick! :boom:


Sorry, I’d love to be there but I’m currently 6,000+ miles away in Scotland! If it is built by Nick, it is well built, period! Bravo Nick!


holy s!!!..

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Wood supply ducts? @gromicko

Thank you for the invite as always, Nick.
Wishing you a very success event.

Please, post some images during the event so we can put faces behind members names.
Attendees, have fun.

Best regards.
Robert Young.

Everyone on the roof should be waring personal fall arrest systems and tied off within >< feet of their work station. As well, a guardrail systems would be required in my neck of the woods.
Not worth loosing everything you worked hard for cutting safety corners.

No, just covered in wood so that we can FireX it.

We do for everyone above the porch roof level or in a lift basket.

Thanks…I want the building moved to my back 20, please. :rofl:

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As a CCPIA member, That would be awesome to inspect! Can I use the cherry picker and scissor lift too? JK…. Love to come see it sometime.