Everyone listed on www.FindanInspector.us Now has a link on My WebSite!!!

Hello Everyone,

Many of us have been adding links on our websites to other NACHI Home Inspectors in exchange for them doing the same for us on their website. I have been receiving Emails asking me to do the same… I reply to most of them that I will just as soon as I find the time to log-on and edit my site. Well, just the other day (02-20-2007) I found the time and edited my site.

I felt that it would be too time consuming to go through all my Emails to find out who has added my site to their site. I am on dial-up so it would take too long to check that I was listed on all those websites. What was I to do then?

What I decided to do was to add everyone who is listed on www.FindanInspector.us to my website. Now if you wish to check my site for your contact info you may, it will be there as long as you are also listed on www.findaninspector.us as of 02-20-2007.

I did do one thing to prevent spammers from grabbing all of our Email addresses though. I did not list any of our Email addresses. When someone clicks on the word ‘Email’ you will be linked back to the NACHI Email Form to send your Email to that person. I could have used all of our Email addresses but I thought that would be asking for trouble!!!

*I would like to give you all a quick warning though before you go checking out my current website though!!! I am currently using a Free Web Host. It does cause a pop-up add (only one at a time) every time you pull up a new page. (From my experience if you leave the first one alone, it will not pull up another one, unless you close the first pop-up window.) *

I do own the domain name “www.HomeSleuths.com” but I have not decided on a host yet… Currently you can see my site and check out the link to you at: www.HomeSleuths.20m.com

When you do add a link to my site, you may also want to use both domain names. Because when I do decide on my host I will be coping everything over to the new domain. I do not expect to be doing this soon but you never know.

Please let me know what you all think! I hope everyone likes what I have done!

Jason Alan Sieg
President, Great Lakes-East Chapter

Would it be worth explaining the process, in case others want to do the same?

Are there reasons for not doing the same?

I’m a dinosaur in this area . . .

It is a matter of coping a large chunk of code into seperate folders of your website. Your website is set up like your computer where each page is a seperate file and held in seperate folders. You just have to make sure all the links are complete… that is you have to add the “http:www.nachi.org/…” to all the links so they don’t fail.

It would be easyer over the phone… Give me a call tomarow if you like. I’m on Eastern Time here in Michigan. I would be happy to tell you all about what I had to do.

Not knowing what your doing when it comes to html code. It’s not too hard to do, but you have to understand that everything you do in html code needs an ‘ON’ & an ‘OFF’ comand.

I asked Nick because their is the potential that someone might ‘bookmark’ my site and not go to ‘findaninspector.us’ when looking for an inspector. That is why I linked all the Email back through NACHI… that way it keeps up the hits there.

Another down side is that if you have limited bauld width (sp) it could use it all up and customers will never see your site.

Their are a few tricks I used on my website… I added code that caused a new ‘TAB’ to open when ever someone clicks on one of the links. That way the person does not lose me!