Everything else is more important but....

The home is worth about 800K.

I am scheduled for a 3:30 inspection.

Wife shows up at 5. Can not get her to follow and is to busy going over her list.

Husband shows up at 6:30. I just showed him the pics and he was to busy as he was more concerned about the fireplace remote.

These are the same people who send emails before asking about the pool/Hot tub/central Vac/Sprinkler.

I told him he needs to get a specialist out as underground pools and sprinklers, Jaquzzi needs maintenace and inspecting.

He also forwarded a previous repair on a flashing leak.

Clients are very anal.

I polite told the clients that I was disappointed he could not attend the inspection.

He bla bla bla about the job.

Man if I am buying a 800K house I am following my inspector.

These are the same kind of people that if a GFCI trips or a faucet drips there calling belly aching.

The also forgot there checkbook.

So the client agrees to drop of at my house that is 2 miles away. I give her a map and they have GPS and they cant find my house??:mrgreen:

They have no idea how the humidifiers work, whats a furnace filter.

*Sure the butler or main will do it.

*These people needed to be at the inspection.

Why is work or a ball game or whatever more important then a home inspection.

I had a crack o practor do the same thing earlier in the week. He was to busy.

I told him the guy I see on occasion spent the time to be at his inspection.

Kinda makes you feel that you will be hearing from them again because they did not take the time to understand the inspection. My dad calls these people “More dollars than sense” .
I performed a septic inspection on a expensive house yesterday. The buyer had a uncertified home inspector who charges half of what I charge and a termite inspector who is ten dollars or so cheaper than me preform the rest of the inspections. I remember the buyer calling me about a price quote, he about went through the roof when I told him the prices. Like the Realtor said the buyer’s car cost more than my house. Along time ago I stopped trying to figure people out. I sleep better that way.

What makes me laugh is this agent runs around saying my client isnt paying for that.

The home has a 4 car garage and the 2 cars that are stored are more then my net worth.

He is on a trip and is moving to place where they will probably own a golf course.