Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Cement Block Foundations


See problem, see SOLUTION…Huh???

looks like paragraph 9…ya might wanna read that. Especially those who keep YAPPING about INDOOR AIR QUALITY.

He`s talking about INSIDE drain tile systems, they leave a GAP OPEN along cold joint
…‘this same GAP allows methane and radon to escape back into the living space,
which VIOLATES NUMEROUS Gas emission rules…’

They Drill HOLES in the hollow blocks too…perfect.

G Dammmm insects can enter UP through the gap as well.
They ALSO enter through CRACKS and loose parging and other openings
on the outside… sheeshus KRIST.

still think it`s OK to allow water to penetrate cracks,mortar joints?
just raise the grade huh, or add longer downspout extensions eh?

MOST MOST MOST homeowners problems are on the OUTSIDE…
Period,end of story!

anyone who mostly-only recommends an interior drain tile/baseboard
system w/sump is most likely one incompetent FOOL.

anyone installing this crap most likely will not/has not defined,diagnosed,
taken the TIME to LOCATE the problem(s)…where water is FIRST-

Have a word for all of them… D U M B A Z Z!!!
And i could care less than 2 BIG SHTTS to anyone who doesnt like my sentence structure/choice of words. Tried being nice, nice doesnt work…
dumbazz. This includes all you dumb azz CITY inspectors around metro Detroit
who have assumed inside systems are better than fixing the crack/problem
outside, YOU people are incompetent in this trade and should be SUED as well.
Same goes out to any `n all in the MEDIA and those who HOST RADIO Home-
improvement shows who at least in part AID these companies, who allow them
to continue to screw homeowners in exchange for MONEY, advertising DOLLARS,
and LOTS of it. Only Hm Imp Radio Host who has any common sense is Adam Helfman…
WRIF Detroit.

Wheaties, breakfast of Champions

Thanks for the info.
Plain talk (me like)

no problem Mr Elliot :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

scroll around, and down and see some loser contracts etc


thank god there are a few who get most/all of this trade,
he KNOWS people gettin` stuffed in the rear

if one looks at the ‘Kingston’ photo you can see water-moisture STILL
entering, passing THROUGH wall, efflorescence, maybe mildew-mold at
corner, can`t tell all from pic.

and see sump cover is not air-tight, blllcttt.
gases can enter,insects can enter.

check out the wonderful bentonite injection crap, no warranty.
well then, WHY BOTHER!!!
Put THAT money towards repairing the actual problem(s), dumb azz contractor

my problem w/city inspections is they dont look,care about what is being applied to wall, if anything. They dont know/care/have time etc on what is
being used as backfill. They show up for about 30-60 seconds or so, maybe
a minute longer if they don`t have a doughnut-coffee date around noon.

so, what the hlll is being inspected? and, what REAL knowledge do they have,
if any? just because a permit was pulled and then passed some half azzd inspection doesnt mean squat

something like this…

great reading.
Me thinks I should go back and find what you say about poured cement foundations.

well, when these inside systems are done in basements w/poured walls
they do indeed leave a gap OPEN along the cold joint,cove…yes sir! :mrgreen:

vertical `n diagonal cracks in poured walls can certainly widen or push
in. expanding-contracting SOIL and roots and/or drive/patio slabs
against a bsmt wall or porch footing could cause any wall to crack,leak
or push inward.

another quickie thing w/poured walls, rod holes.
who the heck made the decision that says its enough to simply
apply a lil dab of tar/damproofing on outside of rod holes and-or,
placing a cork (1) in the hole.

which brilliant mind came to conclusion that this minimal crap is enough,
will last a long time and stop the penetration of water,insects and
even radon through these holes.

radon, if in the soil outside,along the walls can certainly and
easily enter through rod holes,especially those where the cork has begun
deteriorating. May not be allowing much water in YET but has
dissolved enough to allow gas in. Radon can enter through tiny
PORES in block walls then it can pass through these rod holes and
a floor-pipe-remediation system has nothing to do with any gas
passing through cracks,holes in bsmt walls…got milk?