"Evil step teacher" has bowed in walls and leaky basement, is it the GRADE? lol

2:45 wants dirt level UP higher?
6:15 dirt up higher

already has some beams inside, can’t see enough, can’t tell if an INT system was installed, i do see ‘newer’ concrete along some of INT perimeter 6–8" wide

sure wish you well Mr Evil Teach, one thing i would not do is, add more soil against already weakened walls, the more soil you add, pile up then the more weight, pressure these walls will need to withstand so imo, lower the grade if anything… how often ya hear DAT? lolol The less soil, the less weight/pressure against duh walls

Says he has budget etc, well putting all the same soil in against these walls is pretty much defeating the idea of you helping your foundation walls as best ya can, i mean why bother to spend x-amount while you think you are saving x amount and then possibly have more problems w/the wall (s) or have one or more areas re-leak just because you thought you were saving some green, ok, night night buh bye.

They don’t know what they don’t know, until they know it.

For some it takes longer than others, Mark. LOL