Ex NACHI member concerned over competition and qualifications

Ex NACHI Canadian Executive concerned over competition from NACHI and lack of qualifications!

Boy the bull is getting pretty deep… has anyone seen my extra wide shovel? Come to think of it I may need to buy a front end loader, considering the size of the bull. :slight_smile:

Keep you friends close but keep your enemies closer.

He’s no friend and he is no enemy. He is a manipulator and goes with whatever will fit his agenda. An agenda that quite possibly can be termed suiting his own needs.

This is the same person (Treasurer) who went up and down one side of OAHI about financial concerns, published a white paper on it, and then resigned only to surface in Nachi as a power broker, only to fall from grace after aligning himself with another wanna be from Kingston.

I understand brainwashing is now mandatory requirement in OAHI!

This " gentleman" has his own agenda and is willing to throw anything and anyone under the bus to see his agenda through. Fortunately he is also pretty transparent and a well known commodity. It says something of O.A.H.I., and that is something not too flattering, that they would allow a loose cannon to represent them in a national forum.

Gee George
I hope you are using the term “gentleman” rather loosely. I would hate to be grouped in with that person as being a gentleman.
By the way guys, **duck, incoming.

Gee I guess someone could say I resemble that opinion too! :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:

Ray, I would certainly never refer to you as a “gentleman”.


I was certainly not referring to you as the “gentleman” in my previous post.

NO! NO! Wait!

Ray, you are certainly a “gentleman”, just not of the same calibre as …

Ah the hell with it:mrgreen:

I’m really easy to get along with once you people learn to see it my way!


“Resistance is futile!”? Funny you don’t look like Seven of Nine . . .

These kimnd of things always happen before a big downfall. and an uprising of NACHI members in CANADA!!!

"The only agenda that Cam Allen has is supporting the National Certification Authority as governed by CAHPI-National. He has already spent, and I expect, will spend considerable more time working with the National Certificate Holder process in Eastern Ontario. Cam’s only desire is to see every inspector in our region apply for the Certificate, assist them in meeting the base standards as laid out in the CHIBO document and then complete the TIPR examination as developed by the NCA and Claude Lawrenson, the Chief Examiner. Cam has always strongly supported a national standard, recognized in Canada and available to all.

It is unfortunate that this American Based Internet Inspection Club has blocked numerous inspectors, including Cam Allen, from expressing their views. So much for Fredom of Speech.

Glad to hear from You Wayne welcome back .
Cam has him self chosen to not communicate on this board .
He is most welcome to come and voice his thoughts .
It is to bad things did not go on at the Kingston group we had a great time well it lasted .
It to is unfortunate that Cam has chosen to not reply to my many letters I have sent him in the last year.
I only wish I could have received the information you did to make the informed opinion you have .
Unless I am mistaken it looks like the choice for those to take the exam is far from balanced with who are getting to take the exam .
Again very little information is being realeased .
Much of the information being given by those in power is obvious incorrect and this is most unfortunate when it is many dollars of taxpayers money.
I do think we need a certification for all Canadian Inspectors .
But I do not feel CAHPI/OAHI are the people to run it .
I have much past experience with both for longer
then you or Cam and do feel I know just a little more then you do about the group who is in control.
You could be correct The nation certification was the way to go but with
no information comming out it is hard to make a proper decision.
When questions are asked and information is not given what do you think " this "American Based Internet Club " should do.
Freedom of speech is live and well here I only wish I could say the same about the Canadian Bulletin Boards .
NACHI is well over 400 Members in Ontario and it does not discriminate against any one that I have seen .
I would love you to show us where this has happened .
At least Claude has had the decency to try and give us some information and discuss his thoughts and feelings.
Please come back and give us your thoughts you always had some great ideas and I did very much enjoy working with you .
Hope all is well and you are doing many inspections .

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I. Royshomeinspection.com
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Its good to see Wayne step forward and present another honest opinion on this discussion. Thank you Wayne.

I have had some good discussions with Cam and find him extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It’s Cam’s decision, (not only by his choice) to not to step forward and add “fuel to the fire”; and I respect him for that. Some played a huge hand in muzzling his voice and that of a number of other former great NACHI members. It still continues. One need not look too far to see even some U.S. counterparts treated similarly.

It’s extremely unfortunate that some need continually “trash” certain people here, in order to feel they can succeed in founding their argument. I thought this was a forum intended to openly help home inspectors. Obviously I was misinformed. For that I feel there is a lack of respect and professionalism.

Cam Allen interested in the National? Yeah you mean like how he and that other person whose name I will not use took everything fed to them by CAHPI, took it and then tried to tell the rest of us Canadians they had accepted the program for the rest of us fine Nachi members, without any consultation whatsoever, no ifs ands or buts? Yeah, give me a break! Democracy in action. Power tripping I think, big time.

This same person was the person who had a lot to say about the finances in OAHI as Treasurer and then resigned and published the infamous White Paper, he was so intimidated by OAHI that he put his tail between his legs and buggered off. Particularly when OAHI threatened (they like to do that a lot) to sue him, and was no stranger to libelling people in his election platform. I can publish the White Paper here if you like? Its a good read, just like the Appeal findiings of another down trodden, intimidated member, and outstanding person.

Or do you mean how he circumvented the DPPC and other musings?

Claude you only know half the story, so don’t tell us what we all know t be true contrary to your version of life. I am beginning to think you don’t know as much as you let on about the corruptness of OAHI and other parties.

Sounds just like OAHI and CAHPI doesn’t it Claude?

Have a nice day.

I have to agree NACHI sure is not perfect and some times I and many others do get carried away.
But at least we can have open discussion and disagree.
This board is also open for these type of trading of information and this brings out information for ALL.
Unfortunately the Canadian associations and their directors do not allow information or discusion on any of their Boards like this .
They refuse to give out much information and if you disagree with them they remove you .
That is not the way things should be done and this is just one more reason why so many inspectors join NACHI and why the Canadian associations are stagnated.
I am sure you know this has happened in the past and these things are done to repress the members and hold back free trade of information.
So strange you never voiced your thoughts when as you say
( "Some played a huge hand in muzzling his voice ") .
please do not try and slant what happened in the past.
We both know what that was about and it has been settled and NACHI proved they where correct and it was settled in their favour.

I agree it was nice to hear from Wayne but I did not see where he gave out any information on how he formed his openion.

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I. Royshomeinspection.com
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Well at least you don’t get canned or suspended from the forum for publishing “public” documentation on CHIBO and the National!

Anyone seen the Invisible Man? I keep seeing pictures in newsletters, but I think it is a cardboard cut out! :slight_smile:

For the record I’ll pit my experience and knowledge against anyone in OAHI and CAHPI any day! Unkown qualifications my a s s!

It is attitudes like this that are harmful to this industry. When I hear people like you bad mouth other associations and other people I form an opinion of you that is a mirror image of what you are saying.

Have a nice day.

Are we talking about the same man who posted on this board that no NACHI member in Canada was to post on the message board without him approving the content of the post and then he would "allow’ IT TO BE POSTED? Dont’ even talk to me about muzzeling anyone on this board.

Thats the guy! He made a pact with the devil, then expected everyone in NACHI Canada to follow his dictates based on his decision. NO consultation, no nothing, took it upon himself to ink the deals and new what was good for the rest of us! Just who the hell do these people think they are? Even went so far as to appoint himself as Executive Director of Nachi Canada.