Exam prep questions

can anyone direct me to the portion of the website where the 2,000 exam prep questions are? I found it once, but since cannot locate it. My state license exam is Monday so I’m hoping to find it soon. thanks!

Nothing like waiting til the last minute, eh? :slightly_smiling_face:

PS - Funny, I googled your question and there it was. Amazing!

I found it, too.

So that is what the magnifying glass is for…searching. :grinning:

Wow, I guess this Nachi supported forum isn’t for me. I can get criticised elsewhere.

Don’t take it to heart. A lot of these guys are seasoned veterans and a little criticism doesn’t hurt. The knowledge I have learned from these forums is insane!

Adam, I know Steve and he is here to help. And, we are trying to point you in a direction to help yourself by googling the question and using the magnifying glass to search. We have no ill will.

Please, enjoy yourself here and if I can help you, PM me. I hope we’re good. :grinning:

Larry Kage, CMI-retired
Awards Committee Officer

Thanks, Russ. Sometimes we forget to use an emoticon to help clarify. You know, like: :face_vomiting: :blush: :thinking:


Really? I didn’t “criticize” you. I gave a link to your question so why get all offended? My response was to let you know that google can help you if you choose not to be lazy.

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Ok, waiting until the last minute…thats a huge assumption. Actually, every free minute is spent studying. I’ve read all required Nachi books twice, the complete NHIE manual TWICE, every AHIT manual twice, have over 60 handwritten pages of notes, 52 notecards, have taken the NHIE practice exam and I go out with friend inspectors every chance I get in order to be more prepared than the next guy. I located the exam test questions once before and was having trouble negotiating what I thought would be an easy find. The implication is/was, that I either lazy or being lazy. Screw that, I work 50 hrs a week and fill my off time with learning this craft. I challenge you to find another student who sacrifices as much work and personal time to making sure they are this on top of their game and that this is all worth it. You made the assumption that the wrong person was “waiting until the last minute” or assuming I was too lazy to Google it. What I expected on my first post to this forum was just a short navigational answer and not to made to feel as if I was lackadaisical.

Sometimes the simple solution is the obvious one. That is the one we sometimes overlook. We have all done it.
I am sure you will do fine on the NHIE. Remember when taking the test, sometimes there is more than one right answer. You have to pick the best one. Do not speed read through the multiple choice answers. Read them all and decide. Good luck and please let us know how you did!

Thank you, i can’t believe I’m letting the stress get to me. I’ve worked so hard for 900 Monday morning.

Hi Adam, I was in your position almost exactly one year ago. I suspect you’re going to do just fine based on the amount of studying you’ve described. And if, for some reason you bomb the first try, no worries do it again!

You’ll find that some of the “frequent responders” on these forums can be rough around the edges. Some of them like to act like salty old E-9’s with hard-nosed advice, opinions, and a way of delivering information that is tough to deal with. If you can get past all that you’ll find that almost everyone one of them will provide some valuable information in at least one of their replies. Sometimes that info is what NOT to do or how NOT to reply to others but it’s still good information to absorb!

The single most common point they make is to try looking things up for yourself first. If you have, try to explain what you’ve already tried in your post or what you’re already thinking on a topic and you’ll be amazed at how helpful even the “saltiest” of these members will be.

Good luck and we look forward to you joining our community.

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Actually, If my fellow inspectors don’t bust my balls a few time on this forum I feel slighted!


Haha! I understand completely. At least we know that if we ever feel slighted we can always refer out to an SE to get a good dose of ball busting …and get back in the good standing with the everyone

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Well, I passed the NHIE today. I probably stressed over it more than I should have. Thanks to everyone along the way who helped me in even the slightest way. It’s much appreciated. I scored a 633. Not sure how that ranks but I’m thankful none the less.


Congratulations Adam!

Congratulations Adam!

Thanks everyone. Now the real learning begins.

The bedt prep I used for the NHIE was the Internachi flash cards. Just download the app and go for it.

Hey Adam, would you consider selling the NHIE Manual? I took my test today and got a 447 :(.