Exam prep

Anyone take the “B1 Residential Building Inspector” exam? If so, was there an exam guide that worked for you?


P.S. Same question for “P1 Residential Plumbing Inspector” Thx!



Greg Bell has an excellent ICC study software called the Ace Educator. I took his ICC Boot Camp - Great Class.


Let me clarify.

Looked at the software, and love it, however it points out the flaw I have. I can do the work, but don’t know the specifics of some codes. Example, I teach newbie HFH electricians to staple/anchor/stacker cables 6" of boxes. This is correct, but the actual code is 12" (with an exception for 8" required for some knockout boxes).

So I need something to impart the knowledge, (electricians have stallcups and thompson books).

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P.S. The free NACHI membership, is that for new members or renewals. :wink:

Tom you may also want to try this website. I have purchased manuals from them before and found them very helpful.

The name is Out of The Mond Publishers and they are located in Texas. This is thier webaddress…
<LI class=dispUrl>www.codestudyguides.comRegards,