Exam Question

I thought John said this was moisture at a new home home due to missing flashing?

It’s moisture from a roof leak. I took the photos.

Shouldn’t that be an option for the answer on the test then?

I know, I paid attention to you in class! Haha, So why isn’t that one of the exam answers (I know interNACHI makes the exams, not you). It’s disappointing to get poorer marks because the right answer isn’t even an option.

It will be corrected, I am sure. Mistakes happen, even to the best of us. Thanks for catching it.

Nice catch

For sure John. Thanks for taking the time to put on the course :slight_smile:

The image depicts two thermal anomalies. One characteristic of a wet area and one an insulation deficiency. Either or both answers would be correct. Not a great image for exam purposes, unless the exam is looking for multiple answers to that specific question.

Question and answer was updated. Thanks, Wayne. A nice box of inspector goodies is on your way.

Keep up the good work Wayne.

I would have to say the picture does not provide enough information to make a conclusion.
It could be fresh paint, moisture, new plaster covering repair but definitely not enough info

Indications of moisture should be verified with a moisture meter.

Exactly Jeff’s point! The question/photo asks for a DETERMINATION, not a POSSIBILITY. It is a flawed question which is impossible to answer without guessing.

I would have had to guess at this one. It may have been talked about in class but anyone should be able to answer the questions even without the course but with knowledge of thermography.

If you take the course, John explains the specific scenario surrounding that image that is shown. It was a new construction with improperly installed flashing that had caused leaking. It’s not insinuating that every time you see a cold spot,that it’s moisture, but rather is making sure you were actually paying attention to John’s lesson and story.

Well, I would have answered “cold A/C duct” as the question was written. That’s the only logical answer. What else would that bumpout be besides a duct chase. Are you saying that is some kind of scupper drain for the roof?

Ditto that assumption.