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I am studying for my state exam and the question is: “Funtional flow is the same as water pressure” . The answer they give is “true” I say they are different…am I missing something?

Functional flow would be the amount of volume flowing and water pressure would be the force or pressure being supplied…IMHO

“True” is not the correct answer. I got tremendously frustrated at the amount errors in some of my education materials and tests.

Explained well in this link here;

Water Pressure – Functional Flow – What’s the Difference?

That isn’t anything you found on InterNACHI’s site, is it?

Ultimate Home Inspection Exam Prep Guide - InterNACHI

Thanks, Bruce. I got wrapped up into the differences that I forgot to answer his question. :wink:

Are voltage and amperage the same thing? No.
Think of pressure as voltage and flow rate like current. These are two very different things.

Fluid pressure is measured in force per unit area, i.e. psi
Fluid flow rate is measured in volume per time, i.e gpm

These are obviously different things.

Unfortunately yes it was…on the state license exam practice link as i was studying earlier today.

unfortunately yes, as I was studying on the State license exams practice link earlier today

On the InterNACHI exam prep guide?

Excellent analogy . .:slight_smile:

Hi Nick, yes it is on page 37 , the 6th question