Excel List of report descriptions


I’ve recently purchased an inspection report software that I liked, however, I’d like to populate it with a better list of common descriptions for conditons of everything in the report. The software will allow you to add as many as you want, so I’d like to fill it up. Does anyone have an Excel or Word list of common descriptons they wouldn’t mind sharing?



Here’s a few.

Here’s a start…

Much appreciated. Thanks, I’ll start with this. Regards, Steve

Steve, I have that same list, but in Word Format and items to 475.
If it helps you more with this version, let me know.

PDF format cannot be edited I believe.


That would be great. Could you attach the list or E-mail it to me? I’m just getting started in the Home Insection business as you can probably tell. I’m trying to start it while working full time. It’s my Plan B right now until I can get up and running, then hopefully it will be my career.



I have the narratives in a word doc too but couldn’t upload due to size. I can email it if needed.

Send me an e-mail and I will forward it to you;


Understanable Robert, neither can I.

Well one way or the other he is going to get it from one of us. :);):smiley:

Thanks for all the help.

Marcel - I just sent you an E-mail to the address you had in the thread.



You should be getting it just about now.

Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

Put your documents on your own web site and then include a link to it, like this:


Thanks Russel, and always a pleasure to hear from you.

Your work has been a lot of help to other members.

Thank you. :):smiley:

I am new to the business also. Thanks Russel I was able to open your link and save the file. It will be a great help.
Thanks again, Ken

When you sign on with HomeInspectorPro, you actually get my complete template (template #2)

Thanks for the info.