Excellent Course Material

Dear InterNACHI,​ (Ben)

I’ve completed a number of the online courses and I have been consistently impressed​ by the quality of the technical information; but more so by writing style and delivery. Please pass on my words of praise to whoever is responsible. Unfortunately it is not that common to find this level of competence combined with personality delivered so professionally.

​Regards, Steve Giacomini
Ontario Residential Inspections & Services Inc. ​

Steve all credit goes to InterNachi as a family. Ben Gromicko is however in charge of this area.
He really appreciates this when people tell him also.

Thanks Steve. Lots of collaborators work to develop and constantly update our courses: Technical researchers, graphic artists, lawyers, editors, engineers, subject matter experts, IT Dept. And we keep updating them each year which is why they keep getting bigger and better over time and keep being awarded more and more governmental accreditations.