Excellent customer service

We all have to deal with different companies, suppliers, contractors, etc. on a daily basis. Very often we spend lots of time on the phone talking to automatic attendants instead of real people, or when we get to real people there is not much help from the answers like " I am not sure" or “I don’t know”. But there are some exceptions. And I want to praise customer service in Featherlight Canada. I have their “Jaws” ladder from day one I started in home inspection business and I am very pleased with it. But like everything that works hard my ladder became defective - a thread on the knob gone. I called Featherlight Head office and explained a problem to customer service. They offered to send me a part but since they are located in Aurora (about 20 min. from my house) I decided to pick it up myself. They suggested to bring a ladder with me. When I arrived they took my ladder to the shop, replaced the knob, and, the best part, did not charge me for it. I am very pleased with this service and attitude of the company. We talk a lot on this board about various unpleasant experiences. Lets share some information about good companies as well. I think this would be beneficial to all.


I have had the same experience as you. Only I didn’t pick up the part, they mailed it to me gratis!