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Just finished reading an excellent book on residential foundation performance called “Residential Foundation Performance” by W. Tom Witherspoon, PE. This book can be obtained at:


Mr. Witherspoon is a local engineer that has extensive background and experience with foundation design and repair. His company is currently performing some work for me and mentioned his book. This is a 155 page, pocket type book with plenty of diagrams and higher level discussion of foundation construction, performance and damage inspection.

By the way, Mr. Witherspoon donates all proceeds from his book to charities.

I have been looking for a good definitive source of information and this book fits the bill. Along with this book you can visit 2 specific sites for a wealth of additional information.

The International Association of Foundation Drilling


The Foundation Performance Association


Both of these sources can provide not only a good day or two of very useful reading but also other sites and information sources.

Unfortunately my thirst for knowledge and information on foundations has not been quenched just yet. Does anyone know of any sites that provide free high level overviews of the design and construction of post tension foundations??

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