Excellent FREE single-color logo designed for HomeWise Inspections

This logo is incredibly versatile, easy-to-read and avoids the intensely over-used house-over-text design in favor of a graphic that clearly expresses the company name in an interesting and unique way.

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Marketing contact: jessica@internachi.org



Very nice

Oh I love it! Wise choice; wise icon! Great job!

I could go to town with the marketing campaign on this logo! Especially with Realtors! Congrats to the new owner of this company! Levi set you up REAL nice!

I will remember one of these logos.

Both the logo on the left and the right have a million slight variations with a different company name, realty companies, construction companies, and home inspection companies all throw a roof, or house, or a house with buildings over text and call it a logo. The goal of a logo is to make your company name memorable and unique NOT TO SHOW PEOPLE WHAT YOU DO. To do the exact same thing as everyone else makes your logo neither memorable or unique. It makes you blend in to a sea of similar images. Avoid over-used imagery in your industry when it comes to your logo design.

LOL! Levi, your attachment is awesome.

Yes! Thumbs up!

Good point

Very nice


Thanks again Levi for the great work and I am glad everyone liked our idea. I just found this post while googling the name to see if I could find the website.

HomeWise Inspections PLLC
www.homewiseinspect.com-still a work in progress.

It’s a really gorgeous logo. Wow.

Levi, I think you should make every member look at this:http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f13/87129d1427225371-excellent-free-single-color-logo-designed-homewise-inspections-example2.jpg before they request a logo design from you. LOL!