Excellent unused logo design for Red Truck Inspections

Originally this was a logo for a guy who was going to change his company name, but then went a different direction. Still a really nice logo concept.

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I do drive a red truck, but I’m good, its a nice logo though. Is Levi that efficient, he’s making extras now?

Maybe he realized that that would be a dumb name for an inspection company.

Unless he specialized in Day Care centers.

No, that’s gray panel van…

Great logo if you have an old red truck. Or you’re a fireman.

If my truck were a '40’s truck maybe, its not quite that old 2003.

Okay guys, a quick review for everyone who is reading and considering a company name and logo design.

A logo design is not to show people what you do. This is one of the biggest misconceptions concerning logo design and tends to result in a bunch of people having a logo that looks more or less the same as everybody else in their business.

A logo design is to make your company name easier to remember than the other company when it comes time to hire a home inspector. If your logo looks like everybody else’s logo, it implies that hiring you is exactly the same as hiring every other inspector.

A logo with an image of a red truck named Red Truck Inspections is simply going to be easy to remember. That is a wild success where logo design is concerned (as long as the name is associated with a well-done design).

Mike, I wish that I had time to design extra logos, but we typically get in 2 or 3 orders every day. I have just started posting good designs that were rejected for one reason or another to give folks ideas about good company names and logo solutions. We try to get inspectors the best possible design, the first time around.

I reject the “free” logo design claims because of the exorbitant “printing” price. When is I-Nachi going to address that?


Carl, you have another source that will custom design your logo, custom design your brochure, write the copy, edit it, proof it, and print it for less than our Marketing Department charges? I know what good designers, copywriters, and editors charge (I employ 6 of them) and we lose money on every project we do for members. What is your less expensive source for equivalent-quality custom work?

I thought it was a darn good deal for the price of some business cards. So does the woman doing the embroidery on my shirts, and the guy doing my vehicle wrap.

500 business cards 9.99 @ vistaprint (no “free” logo design silliness)

Come on.

Call it what it is or stop calling it “free”. That is what I have the problem with.


How about this… $118 for professional logo design (which is very cheap), and FREE business cards? Better?

Vistaprint? What would they know about creating a custom brochure for a home inspector? They’re a printing company.

I paid over $1,000 just to get my logo designed…

VistaPrint is garbage. For $10 you’ll get exactly what you’ve paid for. Oh, and they’ll charge you up the *** for shipping.

Try to order those same cards again…Still $118 :slight_smile:


I’ve complained to IO about the prices before.

They blamed the high prices on the printer they use.

Maybe time for INACHI to get in bed with VistaPrint. :slight_smile:


You will have the logo. No need to reorder from IO. You can shop for the best price. I’m very happy with the quality of the cards from IO, not so much with cards I’ve gotten from Vistaprint. I just don’t understand why the people that are so unhappy with internachi remain affiliated with it, and just complain about every little thing.

Levi, I was joking about extra ones… I know you’re slammed. I really do like the work…