excessive moisture

I received a call from a past client. He is experiencing excessive moisture on the interior of the homes windows. I asked the obvious venting questions such an unvented fireplace. He has not used his fireplace. The home is newer with stucco exterior located in central Ohio. The temps have been in the 30 degree range. Anyone have any thoughts?

Warm air can hold a lot of moisture. The surface of the windows are colder, so the moisture falls out onto the glass. He needs to reduce moisture from cooking, bathing, washing and drying of clothes, etc.
New homes tend to be airtight, so there is minimal air exchange, unless there are built-in vents.
On the other side of the coin, warming the area of the windows and/or covering them with curtains will help. Ceiling fans might help as well to reduce the contrast in temperature .

John Kogel

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