Exclusive InterNACHI discount from nSite


Not enough info on their site. I tried the e-mail provided at the link in your post. Message failure is all I get when I tried to send them a message.


No thanks. Just another home inspection company trying to make extra money off of other Inspectors. You would think they would at least use separate phone numbers.


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Hi Mr. Peter,

This Matthew I am the developer behind nSite, I believe I responded to the message on sent on the 15th, yesterday. I will resend it again to your gmail.

Thanks for catching that, I will get my IT guy on that asap.

Hi Mr. Chris,

My name is Matthew I am the developer of nSite. I can assure you, I am not trying to make money off of inspectors. The inital thought was for the app to be sloley for my team but I decided to scratch that idea and invest money into helping other inspectors as well becuase I believed it may be helpful for inspectors looking for other avenues of marketing.

We are not trying to game anyone this is the reason for not seperating the Brideway Properties from the nSite App. This way inspectors know its a legit Georgia Based inspection firm not some silicon valley tech startup, with no knowledge of the industry. It would have been easy to do that but for the sake of being as transparent as possible you know exactly who we are.

I am in the trenches with you and I believe with my experience in the industry, I can be of help to inspectors nationwide looking generate more leads

Thank you for your nSite (Pun intended)

I hope this helps a little and maybe we can partner in the near future.

Is this company up and running yet? I do not mean the inspection side, I mean the side to help home inspectors?

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