Exclusive InterNACHI member deal from C Green Environmental

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Remember, you have to vet this company because Nick nor InterNACHI doesn’t. :thinking:


Larry is correct.

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Good morning. I’m glad you posted this comment. Yes, each of you should do your due diligence to put our company to the test to see if we meet the standards that you expect within your own company. We welcome and encourage questions and feedback as we build our relationship with InterNACHI and it’s inspectors. Thank you.

Good morning Nick. Thank you for posting this. We look forward to building the trust of the InterNACHI community.

You’ve done a lot by coming here and offering to answer questions.

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I am an InterNACHI CPI and licensed inspector in New York State and I currently use C Green Environmental for my Radon needs. I can tell you they are a very reputable company. If you have any questions from the “user” side of things, I would be happy to answer them.

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Thank you William. We appreciate you!

Another one bites the dust!!

It’s working for me https://cgreenenvironmental.com/

Still nope…

Works for me as well…

I did… and it don’t.
If I can’t access your website, especially when others can, you have failed. Period.

Sounds like a personal problem if you’re the only one that can’t access it.

Start with clearing your browser cache
How to Fix the "This Site Can't Be Reached" Error (5 Ways).

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I do full maintenance of my computers a minimum of once a week, so that’s never an issue.
I have this identical issue on three separate browsers, so it’s not a ‘local’ issue.
I only see this issue a couple of times a year, and almost always from “vendors” with websites such as this… including a couple of Internachi members/inspectors.
I’ve been told that this is typically a problem with WordPress users that don’t know what they’re doing, or using the site in nefarious ways… so proceed with caution with these vendors.

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Good info.

How to Fix “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page”.