Exclusive (no one else in the industry gets it) Home Inspector Pro "July 4th" deal.

The rest of the industry doesn’t get this $225 discount or the 4 months free hosting. It is an InterNACHI member exclusive:


This is an insane, exclusive deal from Dominic for anyone wanting to try Home Inspector Pro.

Thanks for posting this Nick, the sale is up and going!! We also just pushed a new Android version tonight with a lot of great new features.

Thanks Dom. Took advantage of it. No more $160 monthly per/report fees from now. Overhead = slashed.

Excellent Glenn! I’m glad your 1 on 1 session with Wayne went well! We still have half our team in the office today if you have any questions (the rest took the 4th off).

Dominic provides good value and customer service like few I have ever seen. Keep up the good work brother.

Thanks guys. We are extending the sale to the 7th as we’re absolutely swamped today with requests for a few extra days.

If you’re totally on the fence but still want the deal then send me an email at help@homeinspectorpro.com for a special 30 day license.

The sale has been extended through Monday. Make sure to take advantage of it now!!