Exclusive Software Package for NACHI Inspectors

Richard, Neil and Brian

Wow, this board is almost a full time job.

I am out of the office until tomorrow afternoon. I will try to respond to all unanswered questions tomorrow.

Apologies for the delay. For Neil I apologize, I did not mean to lecture but explain our position.



Wow! I love to watch the posts on here, and then watch the posters back pedal when the vendor comes back with some lucrative information that makes the poster look like what Mike called the realtors.

Our industry is the most cut-throat bunch of people in any industry I know of. And, we have the gull to come on here and bash the vendors like they are the enemy. I’m amazed.

If you compare the websites and designs, information, quality, and marketing effect of the companies listed above, you’ll notice that the deal Catherine posted would be a beneficial investment, comparitively speaking.

Also, Mike owns and operates a successful inspection business, training facility (top-notch, I might add), and still makes the time to come here to post with us…think about it. How many people who acheive the level of success that Mr. Rowan has take the time to even acknowledge our presence, and we want to find the bad in that.

It’s this simple: If you want to buy what someone is selling, have at it. If you don’t, that’s fine to. But GROW UP!!! Don’t come here to bash just because you can’t see the importance of the vendors, especially good vendors. For the most part, they’ll be here when we’re gone.

I’m quite certain if you email Catherine or Mike, or call the toll-free number on one of their many websites, they’d gladly remove a name from their mailing list, not to mention educate you about the difference between the $.99 products to the reasonably priced ones. Just remember what you’re saying about price the next time you recieve a phone call from a buyer or seller wanting an inspection, and they start with “how much…” And then come back with, “well your competitor is ONLY…”

Has anyone who is bashing Hi-Port’s software actually downloaded it and tried it out?

It is an excellent piece of software.

All for $99?!

No other comparable inspection reporting software has all these features built into one software package;

  • *Append ‘N’ Send *
  • *Appointment Scheduler *
  • *Multi-Inspection Scheduling *
  • *Business Performance Reports *
  • Contact Manager designed for inspectors
  • PDF document generation for reports and forms
  • Two styles of Inspection Reports
  • Editable content for forms and reports
  • *Editable Invoices and Letters *
  • *Comprehensive Conditions Library *
  • *Insert Photos to Observations *
  • *Spell-checker *
  • *Data Completeness Auditing *
  • Data Archiving
    HI-Spec Pro [size=4]2v1[/size]
    [size=2]***Your feature rich, incredibly easy-to-use, ***[/size][size=2]***and cost-effective solution for home inspection reporting.***[/size][size=6][size=2]*We believe inspection software should be *
    *intuitive and easy to use. Feature-rich *
    does not have to be cumbersome to use.
    *HI-Spec Pro Reporting Software lets you *
    *effectively manage your schedule, *
    your inspections, and your reports.[/size][/size]

Oh, that’s right…you get this too…

Features Modules Included:

  • Appointment and Contract Administrator

[/size][/size][/size] - Contact Manager

**[/size]<B>[FONT=Verdana][size=4]Your Feature-Rich Solution</B>
**for appointment scheduling, creating contract records, preparing your business forms, analyzing business performance, and managing your contacts [size=3][size=3][size=3][size=3][size=3][size=3]Performing well in the field…
… starts with performing well at your business’s [size=4]Home Base

HI-Spec Home Base is your inspection business solution for contact and contract management


You are going to have to explain the “lucrative information” term. There was nothing lucrative about any of the information in his posts. For the record, There was no back pedaling. I realized that I made a mistake calling the email spam. I was man enough to admit the error and post a public apology to Catherine. I stand by all other comments.

As Catherine said in the other post, let this thread die.

Well has anyone seen one of these sites?


Thanks for the support, but as I stated on another tread, I am just another home inspector trying to make a living. I love helping inspectors when they need help. Many of our students regularly call or email me with questions and issues they have run into.

I have written claims/complaint letters for inspectors, helped with marketing plans, technical questions and much more. While I am busy, I would not have it any other way.

I get extremely excited about what we can do to make life easier, whether it is in the automation of systems, marketing or having someone tell me that they have passed the ICC test. I try not to, but I do eat, drink and sleep the profession. I have all the time in the world for anyone trying to do the right thing but no time what so ever for anyone doing the opposite. Call it a weakness if you wish. Thanks again for your support.

Brian, as far as our custom web designservices, it simple math as far as cost. Our custom web sites include approximately 15-20 hours of design time. They are started so that they can be added and built onto at any time. Here are some examples. Keep in mind that some of these sites cost much more than the fees quoted.


Here is an online project we completed for FABI.

We also include our report upload and customer service management system with the web sites listed. Hosting and domain are part of the package too.

If you are using our online virtual inspector, www.virtualinspector.biz we will connect this as part of the site. If you want to test the system, please feel free to do so, (user name = demo / password = test)

Hope this helps.