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Two in one day. . .






Number two. . .






Is it of if I had a peek too.:slight_smile:
Egads Jeff

Y’ ever notice all the extraneous wiring in a Zinsco panel?

Makes me wonder — is “Zinsco” the Italian word for “Spaghetti”??

The funny thing about number two was, I was 40 minutes into the inspection before I realized I was at the wrong address :smiley:

Don’t ask :roll:. . .

Been there done that…

Last time it happened they called the police when they saw me replacing their POS irrigation timer…too bad the police were so slow getting there, could have saved me some time / money.


Hey thanks Jeff.

I don’t run into many Zinsco or FPE panels, but trying to explain various known deficiencies of these panels to clients can sometimes be complicated to explain to the average customer.

Therefore, I have printed pictured of both types of equipment with various defects, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have a couple of Inspect NY’s…and now I’m adding Inspect Santa Clarita’s to the photo album of electrical panel defects.

To many times in the past a client calls a electrician and the electrician has an opinion which is the opposite of mine, showing customers photos of these known common defects saves me from a phone call from the customer when a electrician says it’s fine.

Let them make their own decision, listen to a pro-Zinsco electrician, or go with their gut instinct after seeing pictures of the common failure problems related to this equipment.

How come when I get a special thread, it always says “RR” but whenever someone else gets a special thread, they get their full name used? Darn margaritas. :margarit:

Hi to all,

Dale, I posted these slides from one of my courses before, you are welcome to use them if it helps.



FPEslide1 (Small).jpg


Because we’re all cowboys and we love Roy Rogers.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh,…Yes,…the old wire wrapped around the ground screw trick(Get Smart) Got to giv’em a little credit though, they wrapped it around the screw in the right direction.:stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

Thanks Gerry!