Exhaust Fan

I was wondering if it is a problem to have a bathroom exhaust fan that runs into the attic and terminates onto a Gable vent screen. Technically it is exhausting to the outside.


I would like to see a little more air flow but its not that bad if you ask me.

Some might be if the wind is not blowing the wrong direction.
It is wrong and needs to go to the out side .
CYA or you could be paying to get it fixed .

I bet that the way that bath exhaust is set up, that it condenses the warm air into liquid and runs right back down into the fan housing…especially in your northern climate.

Aside from the “outside” issue, it should be insulated and, around here, made of rigid metal vent pipe.

Should be Okay but is that a extra wide vent or is it just me ?

I write it up, although its better than a lot that I see. I call for an exhaust completely and directly outside independent of other vents. Realistically not a big problem.

I was allowed to exhaust them into an off ridge vent.
I maybe incorrect , but gable end venst are for input flow.

I see most of them vented to either the gable vent, ridge vent or to the soffit. Almost never vented to the exterior unless its a home built in the last few years. I state the the best recommended practice is the vent directly to the exterior. Doubt it its done/corrected most of the time.

That setup is standard issue around here

Thanks everyone. I wrote it up as Functional but not the proper way of installing.