Exhaust/intake vent under a deck

I am looking for documentation on installation location of a vent (combination intake and exhaust) for a furnace under the deck.

I feel the exhaust could very easily be drawn back into the system with this set up.

Any ideas?





Personally I would write it up

Rick in that location would you allow your dog to sit above or perhaps a child ?

  1. Avoid areas where condensate drainage
    may cause problems by dropping on planters
    or patios, etc. Also ensure that exhaust
    gases will not impinge on windows or building
    surfaces, which may be compromised or
    damaged by condensation. Do not install the
    vent terminal such that exhaust is directed
    into window wells, stairwells,** under decks**
    or into alcoves or similar recessed areas,
    and do not terminate above any public

Bob and Wayne,

Thanks for the input. I did write it up for area above and carbon monoxide, the vulnerability of damage to the deck and the possibility of the exhaust being drawn back into the system. I am still trying to find some documentation somewhere to use as reference material.

If the deck is open (ventilated) on two sides it should be OK.

Thanks for the document Marcel.