Expect a life and health insurance survey in your email.

Hi Nick:

*Happy New Year!! Hope it is off to a successful start. *
*Just wanted to let you that I will be emailing out the NACHI census by the end of the week. We will be able to formulate a group discount for Life and Health Insurance. If there are any other needs that you feel you need to be met, please let me know and I work on those as well. *



Tracy Catenaro Goldman
New York Life Insurance Company

Health insurance! Disability insurance!

I got the survey.

Before I fill it out, what about privacy and this personal information?


NY Life is not in the business of selling information. This is basic information that will be required to get an overall census of those that would be interested in having a group insurance plan.

Last year I placed a post inquiring about who within the membership would be interested or needed insurance coverage. The replies were extremely high and a definite need was established. It appears the NY Life has figured out a way to make this happen and to knock down the road blocks that existed last yr. I urge everyone that is even remotely thinking about an insurance change or purchase take the 2 minutes and fill out this form. The more participation taken at this time and better the baseline can be established.

Talking with Tracy, NY Life will be offering a whole specturm of Insurance and/or Investment programs. But, the first and most important step right now is getting the membership baseline established

This would TRULY be a membership benefit and not FLUFF.


OK, Paul; I was leery when I saw it, cuz there were no questions about age, smoking, history, etc - just seemed like a database for a mailing list.

But, if you say so . . .


That’s why I was hesitant also.

I only questioned the privacy not the intention of group insurance.
i get tons of “pfishing” e-mails looking for personal info.

I would defiantly benefit from it.

Thanks, I hope enough people respond.

I like the opportunity. I do not like the fact that NACHI allowed the release of emails to NY Life.

We have weblinks to all kinds of crap, but this time we get a personal email message. Not a smart move. I am interested but I did not respond to the email and deleted it. I do believe there are many others who did the same.

I have no idea if this will work:

Take me to the census

Hey Russell…your dial-up pulled it off…:smiley:

Deleted mine as well. Don’t need phone calls and junk mail added. When they get a price together and post, I’ll take a look.

Slow but determined!


The option of a Dental plan with the health insurance might be nice.

Now you’re talking . .
Even stand-alone dental.


The purpose of the census is to establish the baseline participation. The more that fill out this basic inquiry the larger or better the baseline will be. The interest now of a thousand people will establish where we stand. One hundred participating with 900 taking a wait and see approach will get you a baseline of 100. Even if you only have a slight interest get on board now. Its to our advantage and benefit to front load this as much as possible. Bigger numbers, better price structure, more attention and effort put forth by them to get our business.

If you dont like the numbers or cost brought to us, then one doesn’t have to opt in. It the total of our interested members that will that will get this done
or die on the vine.


Just so they don’t demand my Social Security number. Insurance companies insist on this, but they really don’t need it and Federal law says they don’t.

My Brother had his identity stolen, to the tune of $50,000 and he is still trying to get in fixed, 2 years later.

What they don’t have, they can’t leak. They will quote the HIPA privacy act, but that doesn’t protect you, only tells them that they have to keep it secret.

Just like gun laws. They don’t protect anyone, only provide a means of punishing those who use guns wrongly.

Sure looks like we are putting our name on a mailing list. Not much info to establish a base line for anything that can’t be gotten off our membership data base. We are just retyping what is already public.

Sex - DOB - $$ per year – # of people responding might help in establishing a rate chart but the important questions are not being ask. (Sex and age discrimination)

BEFORE ANYONE SIGNS UP check other insurance companies for rates. NY life sounds good but who has checked them out??

Remember I am betting that I will die - they are betting that I will live. – They win in the end or they would not be in business.

BTW I sure would like to see the results of this census. I sent it to junk mail.



I am told someone is complaining about this project in the members-only section where I have no ability to respond, so I’ll answer a few concerns here in no particular order:

  1. We’ve been announcing this was in the works for some time. Here in archived message board: http://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/viewtopic.php?t=15629 Here in a press release: http://www.nachi.org/nylife2005.htm and here on this very thread.

  2. Tracy has worked in another capacity for the inspection industry, is friends with many NACHI members and attended last year’s NACHI Convention.

  3. Tracy is a current fellow member of NACHI.

  4. NY Life agreed to confidentiality.

  5. NY Life is bound by confidentiality by law anyway.

  6. NY Life has been given no more info than members already make public on NACHI’s sites.

  7. NY Life did not pay NACHI for anything, has not agreed to pay NACHI for anything, and has not been asked to pay NACHI for anything.

  8. The info requested is as Paul and Gerry explained, to help us all get better rates.

  9. The survey is voluntary.

  10. New York Life is a reputable company rated A.M. Best (A++), Standard & Poor’s (AA+), Moody’s (Aaa) and Fitch (AAA): http://www.newyorklife.com/cda/0,3254,2,00.html

  11. I kept Paul abreast of this project and he thought it was a good thing to work on.

  12. In the past, NACHI has successfully procured other insurance discounts for members: http://www.nachi.org/eo.htm

Do your fellow members a favor and take the survey: http://www.nachi.org/nylifegrouphealth.htm

Hi Nick:

*Thanks for the post on the forum regarding the census. I understand that in this day and age people should have the utmost concern for protecting their privacy. *

Some of the posts indicated that I was not asking questions about health, height, weight etc. The reason for this is because it is a group policy and since it is a group policy there is NO MEDICAL and the potential for reduced rates is much greater as a group rather than if each inspector was to try to get insurance themselves.

Just wanted to bring you up to speed regarding the number of responses I have received – 488. With your permission, I would like to send out a reminder tomorrow.

*Thanks! *


Tracy Goldman
New York Life Insurance Company

Looks like I did it again

My trust factor must be out of calibration. It is just that good deals are not always what they seem to be. I do not know Mr. Goldman’s background or connection with NYL etc. – or from the survey what type of insurance he was going to sell us. I would assume it would be life.

I don’t see why one would need to know my name if one was just trying to establish a “BASELINE” – Just my dob and if was interested.

Lets hope that some other insurance co’s want our business and can give us some quotes also

This is not like the HI profession where the skill of the person is what we are buying – it is just a product –

Sorry all for being upset about the email that I am sure will get a good deal for NACHI members that need said coverage and is better that anything they could get by being a member of any other org. ie the local chamber, moose lodge etc.

Perhaps a little heads up in the email from NACHI would have helped - Not complaining just feel that we were being set up for some high pressuer insurance pitch