Experiment for members

Come see what the powers that be are keeping quiet.


I know it is there. I used to enjoy the poking and ribbing but in such a politically charged climate I can’t disagree with their decision. I used to run (kinda still have a part in it but super minimal because life) a large automotive forum. About the size of this board but with more total posts, more total users but likely less activity due to it being a smaller regional thing than a national. Anyhow, we had to create an entirely separate political forum. We gave it a domain name and I programmed it to be a side function of our software. It isolated the politics. Truth be told I hated it in that setting as it was not a business or formal setting but a bunch of car guys on a forum. We lost a lot of members that came for the political and news of the day and stayed to contribute to the automotive aspect. On this board I think it has good reason as the politics detracts from the real discussion that benefits our businesses and careers. When I see someone like Joe whatever his name was/is making super politically charged posts, failing to pay up legit bets, and slandering other members, how am I to take any inspection related advice he has to offer me without prejudice? This goes for both sides of the aisle.

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The N.F.E. where men are men and losers get owned daily.


I do not post there anymore for a very long time.
The inflammatory Godless JERK, the one Michael mentioned, keeps me away.


You guys still have your sandbox. The rest of us just don’t have to watch you kick sand and squabble back and forth anymore - have fun!


No one ever forced anyone to participate.

Looks to me that some can’t defend their views.


History demonstrates otherwise.

Looks like you want to inflict your “show” on people who aren’t interested in witnessing it. Stay in your sandbox.

Just another whiner. Boo hoo.

The OP is the big whiner/loser here.

Back to your sandbox, whiner, we don’t care to watch your antics.

Actually “hiding” the neverending political BS is one of the few things I like about the new forum.

I once thought Chuck was a conservative. Now he sounds like chrissy.

The N.F.E. is not for the easily offended. LOL

I’m actually more libertarian than conservative, but that has no bearing on my desire to not be constantly subjected to endless, mindless bickering that changes not a single opinion because the participants on the two polar ends lack the ability to persuade anyone. It’s entirely unproductive an simply breeds animosity. Unfortunately, animosity is the sole contribution of Burkeson and about 95% of the contribution of Larson. They simply need an audience for their antics, just like a three-year-old, and it galls them if the rest of us don’t give them one.

Got it chuck.

Free speech is important.

Even the bickering.

You’ll learn more in the NFE than the media.

Long live the republic.

See mikey… He’s really one of yours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Their is nothing desirable in pantyfa.

I simply point out his lies and bs on a daily basis.

mikey you are NACHI’s Official Asshole, you know it, I know it and, now the world knows it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No one can take your title away joey.

Not even me.