Expert Inspectors are Better Than Master Inspectors ?

  1. No.
  2. No.

Here is what I don’t understand.

CREIA posted some stuff on their website implying their members are superior in some such way, and Nick threatened a lawsuit until they changed it.

NAHI tries to send it’s members to ASHI, and Nick gets lawyers involved.

Any time InterNACHI’s good name is threatened, tarnished, or implied to be less than it is, Nick is right there with legal action to defend InterNACHI’s good name.

Unless said defamation comes from a certain guy in Indiana. Said person can throw mud at InterNACHI’s name and/or reputation, and suddenly Nick not only doesn’t care, but will pretend like it’s not actually happening.

Mind boggling.

Thank you Nick,

So basically once again Nathan Thornberry is lying when he states;

1. The Certified Inspection Expert is a higher level than any other Certification in existence today.


**2. Nathan is lying again in his claims; **
There are 5000 Expert Inspectors, and that’s 3x more than there are CMI’s.

Once again I than you for clearing that up, not that anyone with 1/2 a brain believes his egotistical self centered, righteous Bull anyway. Although I will admit every time he speaks it is a good laugh…hehehe.



Copies InterNachi Everytime.

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I wonder where they get their info? You seem to be quite active over there.

If you are so wise when was the latest post? Around when I started to build my BIGCrawler? Some lessons in life and business are learned the hard way, but they are learned.

Don’t know, don’t care, but you sure are active over there “Godzilla”… :roll:

Much more than you are over here!..

Since you appear to need help with the definition of the word Active here it is.

Something that is active is characterized by movement and action. That action might be a random or temporary movement, such as someone who is active and exercises only now and then, or something continuous, like an active strain of a virus.

I will now use it in a sentence. J Jonas is Active here on this board and thread like an active strain of a virus.

See I used the word and part of the definition together, just for you. :smiley:

Nick is definitely a coward when it comes to dealing with the Nat.:roll:

Many have wondered the same for years you are not alone bro. Nathan makes Nick look like his puppet time and time again, and to be honest I used to think Nick was in control, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. just look who does anything they want with zero repercussions all the time.


OK A long time a go there was a definition of EXPERT. With X being the unknown and spirt being a drip of liquid under pressure. Thus and expert is an unknown drip under pressure. (Thats a Joke folks)

Seriously though I have two issues with the EXPERT designation. First, going above “Minimal” standards, His words not mine, is determined by selling his widgets. It has nothing to do with practicing our trade to a level of “Excellence” as Roy appropriately put it. I am sure most if not ALL of us exceed the SOP every day without sending widgets. Second, IF I end up on a witness stand I would not want some PITA lawyer focusing on my “EXPERT” designation. With the CMI designation it is easy to refer to it as it is clearly defined. But to justify being an expert as providing widgets with my inspection… I see no good coming out of it. An interesting point, I have inspection companies that provide his widgets in my area. Not one of them advertises his “Expert” designation. But several of them do advertise “Certified Master Inspector” designations.

I guess the only solution is going to be Nick taking over ISG. Just Kidding…Or Am I?

That’s because some of his products are good. His “Falsely claim you are an expert” thingie is not one of them.

I don’t think any of them are good.

I think some had a good concept behind them, especially the Sewer Guard, but with all the underhanded fine print, and prerequisite widget promotion, the whole concept is nullified, and looks sleazy and scammy.

Throw in the shameless distribution of client data, and there’s nothing good about any of it, imo.

You can’t choose your enemies, but you can choose your peers.

Just sayin’

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OK, then in your opinion Specifically which of his products are good For The End User Client as you say ?



David makes extremely great points here. I know a lot of Master electricians and plumbers. Most people do around here here. People hire based upon what they know of the person’s work. I also refer based upon what I know about their work and their professionalism. They may be a “Master” but there are other intangibles.

The other issue I have had is that it is tied to the fee structure of InterNachi. So, is it about being the best? Or is it about not paying a greater fee over the course of your membership. That cheapens it for me among the group.

If you have done 1000’s of inspections in your career, kept up on your CE time and credits, made the effort to stay ahead of the curve then you probably have all of the intangibles to be considered a Master inspector. You don’t really need to pay for that. Nick was smart enough to buy the rights. Good business move on the one hand. But instead…

Offer membership the option to pay a one time fee for lifetime membership, no CMI.

I don’t look at anyone in this group differently based upon designation. I look most to their wisdom, experience and how they offer that. Same way I do a Master Plumber or Electrician. You have to be the whole package. I can be that in the manner Dave described here as that is what is most important to me. If you cannot bring all of the intangibles then the designation doesn’t mean a lot. I know folks on both ends of the spectrum.

Sometimes I think it’s the other way around.

His trademark is pending cancellation.

Over 5000 “EXPERTS” are now exposed to huge liability. Not very wise.
To Nathan… thanks for nothing.

Nick as the Founder of InterNACHI you are looked up to by many Inspectors for your advice, guidance, suggestions and knowledge, thus your opinions are very valuable to many inspectors.

Now you have already said that this "Certified Expert Inspector designation is a bad thing for all inspectors.

OK we all thank you for that and appriciate your honesty.
Now you made the comment I quoted above. Out of the following list below of Nathan Thornberrys services could you please tell us which ones are Actually Good and why for the inspectors clients ?

This will help aid all NACHI inspectors (members) to better their services and help keep them from damaging, degrading or tarnishing in any way our reputations and the Honest Top Quality services and benefits we give to our clients as InterNACHI inspectors, and Certified Master Inspectors.

Now please keep in mind that all of his programs require that the inspector not only take money out of their hard earned bottom line and pay for these widgets, but also they are required to Release all of their clients private information as well, (a NACHI Code of Ethics Violation).

  1. 90 Day warranty services
  2. 100 Day Mountain Warranty services
  3. RecallChek
  4. InspectorLab
  5. Sewar Cuard
  6. Alarm Lead program
  7. 200% Guarantee