Expert Inspectors are Better Than Master Inspectors ?


That’s all it takes to be an expert!! :shock: :roll:

Is ex-pert like an ex-wife?


Excellent Idea Nick !!!

This clown makes up this Snake oil and all it does is make a mockery of the industry and discredits other Legitimate real Credentials like CMI, CPI and Infrared certified etc…

This type of snake oil BS Harms our profession and causes harm to all of us, just so a snake oil salesman can continue to line his pockets.


Except it’s a whole lot cheaper…

Not necessarily!

The only thing we would want, since it is a Certification Mark, is to demand through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that he properly file the standards for use of the mark (sorry, purchasing a product from him isn’t a valid standard). As of yet, he has not filed those required standards with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Is there anything to stop InterNachi from beating him to the punch, thus preventing his use of the designation? Seems to me that would really piss him off, quite deservedly so!

I would suspect that this “Title” will not go away as long as the creator can make money off of unknowing consumers and Inspectors, and those Inspectors who even do understand its lack of value. Yes just buying a product and passing the cost on to the consumer, and handing over the consumer’s private information to the vendor, is not much of a standard at all other than the Inspector participants make it a standard part of their business (to the detriment of the consumer). It certainly appears that to counter this supposedly popular method of making money off of consumers may well require a more aggressive public service announcement campaign.

It’s a bogus designation, pending cancellation on the supplemental register, that any inspector can get by simply buying a product from Nathan’s for-profit company.

Conversely, Certified Master Inspector is on the Principal Register, has real requirements, and is issued by the Master Inspector Certification Board which is a non-profit organization that has been awarded Federal Tax Exemption every year for the past 10 years, and which has never paid one dime to me, John, or anyone who ever worked there, directly or indirectly.

Yet, he shows the TM Trademark symbol on the logo. I am far from an expert (oops there is that word again :)) but I thought you had to file and receive the approval before you could use that.

I saw he has basically mimic’s the CMI standards with the additional buy one of my products addition in the recent FB post.

The unfortunate thing is that if he is ultimately forced to take it down the only ones that will be impacted are the inspectors that bought into it and paid for marketing materials to advertise it.

Additionally how about all the consumers who believed Nathans sham and used an Expert inspector who in reality was a complete newbie who knows nothing but buys some of Nathans widgets. Now this poor consumer received possibly a garbage inspection, and had all their private information released/sold to vendors and who knows where else.


Nick in the past you have sued many people or organizations for making claims that you felt were false. Like NAHI, ASHI (for saying they were the biggest or oldest…) Now Nathan claims, and I quote "The Highest Certification, the Certified Inspection Expert"
Why aren’t you going after him?, seems to be the same thing.


One comment I will say is I personally know several very good and qualified inspectors who have partaken of the PNT kool aide. It doesn’t make them bad inspectors. That being said if the “Expert” designation blows up in a public way they will be caught in the flack. Yes, there are a lot of newbies out there that would not qualify for CMI but could buy the EXPERT designation. Now that PNT has posted similar requirements for his certification as those for CMI I really doubt he will go back and take it away from those that do not qualify.

Understand I do not disagree with you. Just pointing out there re some very good inspectors that will be impacted by PNT’s failure.

Well, suits are simply legal actions. And that’s what we took to force him to file the required standards.

To me, the larger elephant in the room (for lack of a better term) is that while this Indiana based company isn’t calling themselves a trade association, and may not be legally set up to be one, they are, in essence, now a trade association.

Notice they have: designations, membership requirements, member conferences, forums, etc.

Much like any other trade association would.

All they have to do is Pay Nathan for any of his widgets to be an Expert, oh and also Release/sell, trade all their clients private information, gee sounds like a great inspector to me.

Willy, being a good, great inspector means more than just doing a great inspection, there is also something to say about honesty, integrity, ethics…etc. In my book those inspectors that release their clients private information and/or claim to be an expert just because they sell widgets, are NOT good inspectors. They are no better than the scum that creates these deceptive widgets for no other reason than to scam people (inspectors included) out of heir money, private information and possibly a quality inspection that could result in the loss of serious money or even a health issue.

It’s just Bad business, no matter how you slice it. !!!

I run my business honestly, my credentials and designations are earned and are real, and I don’t deceive my clients nor do I release their information without their written permission for anything.


I agree completely. If you take into consideration the self centered egotistical way of thinking these clowns have it is almost funny. The industry truly doesn’t even need any associations at all. Associations are a place to get some education and meet some good people and maybe even learn a thing or 2. In the end they are really not needed, and if they continue to keep damaging the actual inspectors and professions credibility they will destroy themselves. The profession will never go away, but all associations could.

Our profession doesn’t need associations that are out to simply make a buck at every chance they can, but it does need good inspectors to survive.

It’s becoming corrupt, and so much that the media is becoming aware of it, and changes will happen.


Sounds like you are helping him straighten out his “designation” to make it legit ??


Indirectly. We filed a petition with the USPTO to cancel his trademark. He knows what he has to do to try to keep it. Either way if fine with me as we get rid of this “Buy a product from me and shazam!” designation.