Expert Witness against Florida License Contractor

Expert Witness:
Home Inspection for Home Owner against Contractor

Nice…I live for the atta boy’s.

Great job.

Thanks Alfred for the post .
We need more of us to help others

Well, whaddayaknow shoddy construction work by a Florida contractor… go figure. Don’t let whats his face hear about this.

Don’t mess with what’s his face, he also holds a HI license.

I guess that is me. I am on a laptop and on vacation so I have not had the time to look at it here to try to read it. My eyes are not what they used to be.

All I can say is contractors are in court everyday because they are the ones building things. Those who do things will sometimes make mistakes.

What in sam hill does that have to do with it? Besides we have seen his skin grow thicker over time. That was hardly even a poke!:cool:

Thank you for sharing Alfred,

Beauchemin Marc-Andre
Brossard,Quebec, Canada

Yeah… i’am alot tougher now.

Stick and Stones baby :slight_smile:

Mike, You are great! When are we going to have coffee any day is good for me always make time for you.


Some time when we both get free on the same day at the same time :slight_smile: