Experts r saying corna 19 does live on water

800 new case’s of Corona 19 in my state now

Told ya boys

Yeah, this girl just showed u up



Whan u told us?

Are you celebrating cuz I’m getting that imprezzon?

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When it’s hot outside & I enter the car it makes me sneeze

Yep, ya did that…and, I feel more like I do now than before I read it.


I just got one case of 12 Coronas, and some limes.


Better clean that fridge again

You got us!!!

I deduce you are either in Oklahoma or Arkansas. 800 new cases is incorrect for either.

Arkansas June 11th: 448
Oklahoma June 11th: 146

My UV bird light stasrrlizzes the hole houze so OK to leave the fridgge open & will do that too.

Who is Melissa and why is she here?

Look u boys inspect components in a home for home value , I work from a dif angle got a few on hetere just more concerned w abusing an harrassing my post then anything else

Half of your posts are indecipherable, the other half are offensive. All of your posts lead me to wonder if you are clueless, drunk, drug addled or all of the above. Just sayin…

We don’t inspect homes for home value.


So you work from a different angle, fine. Are you licensed? Insured?

You are an embarrassment to our trade.

It shim for real.
Perhaps made up fake by “some one else”.

R u done covering hazzards in a home cause illness

Cause I’m sick hearing ur lies an immaturity