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Split system Tag states heat pump but unit has no compressor or reversing valve at the exterior unit

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Maybe this will help note the two lines 7/8 copper into the box this is not a ground source heat pump no water

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radiant heat (coolant) 7/8 copper would lead me to believe source coolant from closed loop? am I close? I can’t see 2 lines at the pump outside.

No closed loop no outside pump strictly air to air. The system has a conventional thermostat and when placed in the cooling mode the unit produces cold air at the registers. The kicker is if you touch the large line at the exterior unit it will burn your hand. The key word is in the cooling mode

Ok i’ll try again it it a split system duel fuel ductless heat pump?

This is a crazy system been in this business for over 40 years and never observed a system set up in this manner.

The compressor is within the box in the attic hot gas line travels to outside condensing unit liquid line from exterior unit back to the attic A-coil.

This system originally had a electric furnace but has been converted to Natural gas. The reversing valve located in the box with the compressor is no longer in use thus the conventional thermostat.

This system operates as any split system does except the compressor is remote from the outside unit. Very miss leading just reading the label on the unit because it in essence it is no longer a heat pump

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how can it be a heat pump without compressor? hence this question. Where is all the ducting? and is that an erv in the backround?
and why 7/8 copper? thats huge isn’t it?
I was even on the carrier site trying to figure it out.

Its a carrier 38 series air to air heat pump and should be coupled with either an air handlier with electric heat or a gas furnace. The outdoor unit is just a condensing coil, the compressor, reversing valve, etc are located in the heat pump section (the enclosed box in your 2nd pic). Were very big sellers in their day but prone to service issues due to age.

It was originally a heat pump but when they installed the gas furnace they disabled the reversing valve except for cooling

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You are correct but not a big seller in this area unit was dated 1986 this home had two of them. I would venture to say most HI’S have never seen one and that includes me

Very interesting.

Does the interior located compressor produce excessive noise?

How do they cool the compressor/motor inside the house, is it inside the duct/air handler with the evaporator coil or a separate unit?

What gauge wire/amperage goes to the condensing coil unit? I would think that it could add to the cost of conversion if it was undersized for a conventional condenser/compressor.

No excessive noise noted, the compressor is within the small box shown in the second post I would think excessive heat in the attic would or could be a problem but the compressor has been there since 1986 and still operating.

The supply wiring was sized for condenser fan only and would have to be upsized for conventional A/C unit if updated not a big problem

If it’s like one I worked on one time just like it that had been converted from the old “indoor compressor” type heat pump;

The compressor is cooled the same as all split system units which is by the cool refrigerant gas returning via one of the 7/8" o.d. lines which is the suction line coming from the evaporator.

That is correct on this one the suction line never leaves the attic the 7/8 line at the exterior unit is the hot gas line