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Hey Guys,

another nice movie for Home Inspectors…hey and the fella is from VA also…gotta LOVE the commonwealth.


He is “HomeExam” Larry Reavis

I have a bunch of stuff from him that I received for chapter meetings. Free give away stuff. He has a inspection reporting system he promotes.

There are about 4 disks in the package. Very informative, but very dry. For some reason once I started watching the videos I could not stop.

Oh, For those on dial-up this video is over 1 hour long.

His Web-site is: www.homeexam.com (800) 654-4511

OK, so I gave him some advertisement! :roll:

Thats what chapter presidents do to get more free-bes.

I’ve met him at conferences. He’s a gentleman, and usually has an educational display.

Keith…comes across very well and does seem like a nice fellow.