Explosions at the Boston Marathon

At least two explosions. Many injured. Currently reporting at least three dead. Appears to be terrorism.

Condolences to all affected.

God bless us all the United States of America

Sad sad sad

Let play the blame game.


I say its Mike Larsons fault…

I says its the liberal thinking at fault as usual.

They most often give up liberties for so called safety.

Or maybe it only some manic depressive HI from FL with the initials RH:roll:

3 confirmed dead with 30 more injured.

Sad indeed.

Stand up America, this is still your country.

CNN just said 2 dead 28 injured from last police report. One or a hundred it does not matter. Some ones Wife, husband, child… wil not be home tonight because of this.

Terrorists want you afraid.

Think about that.

Of course they do. It brings light to thier supposed tiarany. Bunch of cowards if you ask me!!:twisted::twisted:

We must ban all Claymore Mines now!

Oh, they are… ?

Ban all Holidays?

Obama did this to blame someone else again?!

Big Gulp activist?

US Postal worker? Mailbox device…

Sanitation Engineer Union? trash can device…

TSA required at Marathon events…

Sequestration fault? Raise them taxes…

Am I close Mike?

One thing you can’t refute, our Government can not protect us…

Maybe the president should get off the campaign trail trying to take our guns and do his job…

Tyranny is a great word.

Reminds me of our leaders

I spelled it wrong but you see my point. I don’t think we can blame our leaders for an attack on the nation. I may not live in the USA but I do understand the issues. The attack was unwarranted. A terrorist group feels they have been wronged in some way and want everyone to know about it. it is a bunch of bull sh!t.

I can. You should.

It depends on who attacked us. If they are from a country that we are currently bombing then it isn’t really a terrorist attack… it’s just plain old war.

And one that should be declared this time( the last time too)

I’m sure you put the blame for 9/11 on Dubya’s shoulders…Right?

Why, when Clinton refused Osama’s head on a platter.

Liberal myth is so easily proven wrong.:smiley:

Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. And neither did Saddam Hussein.

Oh boy. You and Jesse V. are both wrong. eyee yiah yi

Neither did Saddam Hussein.