I was invited to leave some material with a Realtor that was having a expo. I
did not have to attend, the Realtor would hand out all the material I provide.
I sent my business cards and brochures. I contacted Nick about the expo. Nick had
sent “now that you’ve had a home Inspection”, microwave indicators and “3 deadly
mistakes brochures”. even though I did not have to attend the expo I did show up
and all I can say is holy cow. people loved the material internachi
sent and the info I had on hand. It never hurts to ask for something.
Nachi has the tools to keep us out in front. Thanks Nick

Okay, fess up! You showed because you didn’t trust the agent to hand them out, right?!? :twisted:

Anyway, good job! :smiley:


yes and no.

Great way to market. Got to remind myself to keep pushing.

The same Realtor is setting up another expo and I was already asked for material.