Exporting 9 Hz outside US


To those energy auditors who take their thermal camera with them outside the United States. I have a question.

I live in another country and spend hours trying to learn in the internet if thermal imagers of 9 Hz can be shipped out of the US when it is ordered from Amazon. Anyone has experience about this? I know 30 or 60 Hz can’t be taken outside US without license permit. How about 9 Hz. To those who have travelled with it a 9 Hz model. What did US Customs require you… like do they need to show Commercial Invoice direct from FLIR stating the destination or seller is in another country. Or do US Customs just consider 9 Hz as a plain camera without special requirements? Thanks.

What other country?

Not terrorist countries like North Korea, Iran… just neural countries like Indonesia, Malaysia… I just want to know what documents US Customs need in order to bring out 9 Hz (I know 30-60 Hz requires special permission from the Department of Defence).

I know Fluke and FLIR aren’t suppose to sell camera’s above 9hz outside the US but it’s not hard to get around it. I was speaking with a guy who traveled abroad with his 30hz camera quite often an he said customs never once questioned him or really even gave it a 2nd look.

Are you trying to buy directly from an authorized distributor or a private party? Having someone ship you the camera from the USA want be a problem. Just label it as “Electronics, High Res. Camera & Accessories” You just can’t buy above 9hz from the factory an have it directly shipped outside of the US. Do you have a trusted friend or family member who could ship you the camera?

More details would be helpful.

I plan to buy this FLIR i7 from Amazon.com See:

I plan to have it shipped to a Freight Forwarder which will send it to me. I’m just worried if US Customs would confiscate the item and mark it as threat to national security.

Anyway here’s the Export Fact Sheet of the i7:


When it mentioned “Create Commercial Invoice”. Would US Customs accept amazon packing slip which they include whenever they send items? Also I think they can recognize the unique shape of the i7 by the Airport X-ray which can trigger the red alarm. If they hold or confiscate the item. That’s the biggest problem. It’s because if they return it, I could just return it to amazon with its 30 days return policy.

Please be extremly carefull answering questions when you have no idea who the person is asking the questions .
** Not every one in this world can be trusted** ,
This could be a set up to make NACHI or our members look bad .

Roy Cooke

No. I live in a third world country with almost lack of energy audit awareness and would like to buy a thermal scanner to learn to be safe on energy as well as electrical usages. Anyway. Just give me another thermal imager forum where I can maybe ask these questions if you guys are not comfortable in answering publicly… or please write me in private. Thanks.

I’ll focus. I wont ask anymore how to bring 9 Hz out of the the United States. I just want to know what is the position of the US Customs about it. I’ve been trying to understand the following for a couple of days:


But many questions still linger in my mind. For example. What really is “Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 6A993”? Many hours of web search shows it is “only Camera”. Does this mean it can be exported just like any camera? I’d like to know U.S. Customs position about it for those who are familiar with it.

Note if US Customs say that 9 Hz can only be exported if the Commercial Invoice shows the seller as living outside the US in the destination. Then so be it. I won’t order from Amazon anymore and would just go to Hong Kong and hand carry it (although have to spend a lot on travel just to hand carry it).

So for those who are concerned. No. I’m not asking how to smuggle it outside. I just want to understand what is U.S. Customs position on “Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 6A993”? I can’t completely understand it even after days of researching. To those who understand it well. Pls. explain. Thanks. Also for those living in the United States and have free time, pls. kindly inquire at [FONT=Times New Roman,Times New Roman][size=3]Export Counseling what really is ECCN 6A993 in the following numbers provided in the above FLIR export fact sheet:
Northern Calif. 408-998-8806
Southern Calif. 949-660-0144
Washington D.C. 202-482-4811
I live in Asia and can’t call them. Many thanks. I won’t bother you again after I got the information.


Ask away! They can answer all your questions concerning internaltional issues.

Us flying around with these cameras is not the same as you flying out with a camera.
You are asking the wrong question at the wrong place.