Exporting Contacts

I know you can export contacts from HG but is it possible to only export the agents? Currently when I export contacts I get all the clients and the Agents.

I have not been able to find a way to export only agents.

Once in Excel, though, I just sort the list on the column (w?) by agents and customers and then delete all of the customer lines as a group.

Thanks Phil, I just thought there might be a simpler way to extract the information that I was overlooking

From your Dashboard online click the contacts link. Then click the agents link. Scroll down and export only the agents.

Damn…never thought to go take a gander at the Dashboard :oops:

We are moving away from the software performing office tasks and taking it online.

Thanks, same here was using the software features. Anyway I used Phil’s Suggestion which worked well.

Cool, Ken; glad it worked for you.