Exposed Cables near attic entry

Should’nt the cables be on the other side of the running board? The area with the moisture stains is the attic opening.

Also I often see the grounds are installed at a larger knockout & not the small one designed for the ground wires. Is this not an issue for vermin entry?

Also if you closely at the wiring in the panel one of the wires was a different color then the rest. Why is that? I did observe more then i nuetral at each lug.

One more question. Non metalic sheathed cable is not allowed unprotected for the disposal wiring correct. My thought is it is allowed to use a rated cord for the disposer. The cord could become damaged just like the Romex right.


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Technically yes. There should be several feet of distance from the opening to the romex. For me this is a minor maintenance issue for an electrican to relocate the circuit cable to the proper distance (unless new construction then it would be a major because of the current code violation).

Don’t care about the size of knockout used, but do care that the cables aren’t secured properly in the nockout. They are gound wires, so I’m not concerned about shorting, but I am concerned because the hole does make a nice place for vermin to enter as you mentioned.

If you are talking about the red wire, I’m not sure what that is there for. There are other colors that you will see besides bare, white & black. Often you will see a red wire instead of black, or gray instead of white. That red wire looks almost like it might be some sort of light amperage cable. Do you know what it was hooked up to? It certainly doesn’t look like it belongs where it is at. Maybe one of our local sparkies here will be able to tell.

I thought it was. I see Romex like cables like this all the time under the sink. Is this not Romex?

Non metalic Sheathed Cable is Romex. I am just trying to use the proper verbage. (You Know the whole sub panel thing)

I was told by my electrician when I installed my disposal & island peninsula the Romex can not be used as the insulation can become damaged and needs to be protected.

After thinking & trying not to hurt myself. I would think the cord to the disposal is flexable as it is stranded instead of a sold wire that couold potential cause a short if the insulation was damaged.

Re: the 1st question - Simply install another board just this side of the one the romex is stapled to. Leave a 1" or so gap for the romex to lay in and all is fine.
Re: the last question - a multi-stranded conductor rated appliance cord is designed to be moved around while a solid conductor single strand romex type wire will be more prone to conductor breakage and failure from movement. In my mind, it’s not a risk of insulation damage but rather conductor failure over time.

That is a good answer!!

Many disposals here in Cali have a cord connected that just plugs into an outlet under the sink. Same as dishwashers, so no sheathing req’d

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**Today’s **code calls for cables to be not closer than 6’ to the attic entrance.

Can’t you put guard strips to protect it?

Yes and IMO that 2x4 qualifies

Where are the moisture stains coming from…


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Please cite that code.

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