exposed OSB and TJI's

I did a partly built bank repo today and the OSB on the siding and TJI’s used for rafters have been exposed for about a year with no cover or protection, some OSB swollen, TJI’s look ok (30% moisture on some OSB webs) there are also some micro lam beams and studs that have been exposed.

Any ideas on how to determine if the TJI’s can be saved ? what about micro lam beams and studs ? thanks

Ron, knowing for certain whether the structure is sound would require measuring residual strength in partially-decayed structural members. 30% means that decay is currently (and probably has been) taking place. Many exposures could be different… it’s a mess with a ton of liability attached.
Recommend investigation by a structural engineer specializing in building forensics and disclaim it!

Other then what Ken said…you can also advise to have the manufacturer investigate same since it is their product…they often have their own engineers on staff.

The manufacturer is the source you want. They have test data for exposure.

The rule of thumb we always used and were taught was that engineered materials (TJI’s etc) were built/tested to withstand construction exposure. On a practical level that was considered to be 6 months tops. I know without something from a competent source (the manufacturer or a good structural engineer) I’d be calling those out as questionable and in need of an expert.