Exposed service conductors

Up on the roof today. Nice connection made by the power company. Exposed conductors at the connectors. Any suggested wording?



The problem isn’t the bare conductors sticking out of the compression fitting, the problem is the compression fittings are not taped…at all. Those connectors are aluminum and when crimped to the SE cable, they BECOME A CONDUCTIVE PART OF the SE cable, irreversibly joining the SE cable to the power company triplex. The entire fitting, and not just the exposed conductors as you have pictured, is live. Judging by the condition of the insulation, I suspect the sun and elements have done in the original tape.

I don’t know how your locality works, but around here, the power company is required to address this one. I’ve been told that in some places the electrician contractors are expected handle this.


In Massachusetts, this splice would be the responsibilty of the municipal.

The Municipal is responsible for all electricity from the street connection to the house connection point. Which is at this crimped splice.

I’m sure the Seller wouldn’t have a problem contacting the municipal and advise them of this situation.