Exposed Wall

Quick question. Home is 2003 over 3000 square feet. My question is I know the garage is required to be sealed mud/taped with 1 hour fire rated drywall. There is one wall inside the garage that is a outside wall and is not associated with the living space. Now the ceiling attached to this wall has living space above. All areas in the garage is covered with fire rated drywall. Shouldn’t this area be as well?

Your local AHJ is the one to ask.

Note: this is a corrected post to remove wrong information.

See post below for my area.

Mike, you’d have the ceiling drywalled but not the wall supporting the ceiling?

Bill, I don’t like it either, but it is the way it is. I always recommend it be covered with type X, but it is not required (as least in any area I serve). Many areas do not require the tape/mud as long as the edges fall on a stud.

I am wrong. thanks for your comment.

That is for WI, Mike. How do you handle MN?

I don’t site code. EVER :wink:

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