Extend & Climb ladders on sale, $100 off!

Professional Equipment catalog has Type II telescopic ladders for $179.00 plus $10.00 shipping. A good deal on a great ladder or a great deal on a good ladder, depending on your perspective. 1.800.334.9291 or www.professionalequipment.com

If you’re real nice I’ll tell you where you can buy them for $99 plus shipping everyday & that’s not a sale price.

I bought one off Ebay for 197.00 plus shipping. 1A, 300lbs rated, 12.5 ft

Much better deal I think. Heaver can conduct electricity sooooooooo much better as you lean it against a live wire overhead. :wink:

I’m trying to be nice, but I can’t hold out much longer…
please tell us where you can get em… hurry before
I mess up again.

OK, OK, although I have never bought anything from this e-store I do see them advertised for $99.99 plus shipping on the top middle of the home page at http://www.anytimesale.com/servlet/StoreFront .

$136 !!!?? Thats great!!