extent of damage

I have been asked by a client how he is to determine the extent of damage caused by mold. I have been certified to test for mold but I’m not sure who to recommend to determine remediation needs. can anyone advise? Thanks in advance!

William: Around my area, we have several companies that specialize in mold remediation. You can normally find them in the " Water and fire damage" section of the yellow pages. Of course, they would actually have to come out to the site to give a quote. Hope this helps.

i dought that the mold it self caused any damage at all. maybe the unfound leak or unattended to leak. mold won’t just come in a break all your stuff, but not fixing a leak that allows mold to ruin wall and such will.

To put it simply, mold is an organism, so it does need food and water to thrive. The mere process of that mold eating and drinking can also cause damage. But the more severe of the damage will be by the water that the mold is drinking.

If you are talking about wood and surface mold then the damage is minimal to none. Wood is only rotted by fungus, not mold which grows on the surface. If the wood moisture content is high enough then wood rot will occur causing damage to the wood.

Other products such as carpet, drywall, etc. are heavily affected by mold. The wood can be treated as long as the wood eating fungus has not started the wood destroying process.

Mold is an organism with roots. Those roots attach to things, and as soon as they do, they are just like roots of everything else. They immediately start causing damage. The greater damage will be caused by the moisture, but it is that moisture in and of itself that allows wood-destroying organisms to grow and thrive. Water in and of itself doesn’t cause damage; it needs wind, earthquakes, microorganisms, etc., to do its work for it.

Hmmmm… Bio 101. Mold is fungus. Mold eats wood and all other dead plant material containing cellulose. Water does not rot wood. Mold also eats dead animal proteins. This is why we see mold growing on tile grout. Mold does not grow on tile grout, it grows on dead skin and soap scum.

i feel a little learned tonite. but with not moisture, no mold right.? fix the leak.

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