Exterior A/C condenser clearances

Does anyone know about clearances on exterior A/C units?

I have a home that has two exterior A/C units only 6 inches apart. They are also under 12 inches from the home, resulting in poor air flow. Home owner says this is a non-issue, since his brother installed the units (you know how this is).

I have another home that has an exterior A/C right in front of the 200 amp meter. Specs? Thx.

1-3 feet on at least 3 sides and 4-6 feet above (depending on manufacturer).
Recommend you obtain manufacturer docs to confirm.

So tell me again… just what does that **CMI **stand for ??? :shock::roll::p:mrgreen:

12" from house 24" from each other.

Depending on service panel accessibility.

200 amp meter requires 30 x 36" clearance, does it not?

Others may come up with different Mfg crap, but I have field tested and observed these clearances are required to prevent changes in equipment performance in the state of Tn.

Just looking for documentation for a disgruntled home owner.

CMI means that I do detailed reports, long in length, charge higher fees than any other inspector, alarm the home buyers of any defects, have a high rate of killing any deal, and are starving at the moment due to lack of business and competitors charging $199 to $249.

I’m sure the installation manual provided a clearance diagram but we don’t have access to the model or mfg.

Do you?

But still need help.

2004 Trane units. I will check online. Thx.