exterior basement waterproofing, poured wall crack

Twink job, here’s a look on the inside of basement. There WAS paneling against the wall and when she would get water in on the floor, she would ONLY see it, get it, along the very bottom of the wall/floor. Interior basement system companies take FULL advantage of that and will bs you in several ways, one being they’ll lie to you and tell you the drain tiles are clogged and-or you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor that only an interior system and sump pump can resolve… NONSENSE, lying chumps.

They’ll try and talk you into an interior system, along at least 1 wall but often try and talk homeowners into a FULL perimeter system when many ONLY need to waterproof one small area or sometimes 1 wall.


Twink job cost $750 versus what interior system companies will bid and it WILL be more than that, often much, much more… duh MORE than exterior waterproofing.

And in this short video, this is how NOT to do exterior waterproofing…loool, Mgmt hired a restoration dork who claims to be an expert on basement waterproofing, this is DAY 4… 4, 4, 4 days to do this, a 5’ x 6 1/2’ deep job…garbage in, garbage out

Here is one of many previously done, half azz’d waterproofing jobs, as in that last video… it re–leaked 2 months after buyer moved in, they tarred the wall, used visqueen, nailed the visqueen into wall loool and backfilled with ALL of the same shttyy clay soil… duh!