Exterior Bricks "The Chive"

Found this on The Chive today.

Just missing a few metal wall ties right Timothy.:wink:

That ain’t right. How would glass in a window frame bend but not break as it slid down that curve?

I think somebody’s been playing with Photoshop.

It looks Photoshopped. The windows are curved.

Built as designed.


I am going with photoshopped. I noticed the windows and more importantly the door threshold is exactly as it should be. It would not have been attached to the brick. I just thought it looked cool though.

These “brick-houses” are much more interesting, though!

I think many would have caught this Cameron. However even if it did have wall ties and faced on the plywood or whatever was there this could not and would not happen.

it could & would happen if intentionally designed…

I have been corrected! LOL.

I thought it was Photoshopped. :o

If designed you can do amazing things with brick. Question is why would anyone do this. Only in the eye of the artist who set forth with one thing on his mind. Do the next to impossible. LOL

Now that’s art I can appreciate. I’m so glad it’s not just photoshopped. :slight_smile: That’s great.