Exterior coating

Haven’t seen this before. Seemed to work well to protect the ext. wood, but what do I call this coating? Not cementaceous, more like latex. Applied over block walls, stem wall, wood siding, and trim. Thanks

Is there pictures?

Ah. Yes. Pictures. More better now. I figure this is just an ext sprayed paint right?





Carl, that looks like they used a popcorn sprayer with colored stucco mix finish.

Carl will respond to this.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks Marcel.

Paint with aggregate in it is what it looks like!

Alot of people doing strange things.

Rhino bed liner? :wink:

It looks like they shot/blew on acrylic finish!

The picture of the column looks like dash stucco finish. With the paint on it to match the rest!

OK good. I knew it was perculiar. Technically, this is protecting the ext right?

Not where the cracks in the blocks are!

It is more cosmetic.

Yeah I have that in there. Thanks though.

Carl, whatever the product is, it sure looks like it was sprayed on.
And your right, it is cosmetics on the blocks.
Not much there for a rain screen.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

While on the subject, whats the deal with popcorn sprayed ceilings in Motels from the 70’s .?
Something about asbesto’s

Het Dylan, looks like and old block house sprayed with paint and stucco. They just spray EVERYTHING, I like to probe the wood just to be safe. :smiley:


I have found this sprayed on Everything before also, it is generally related to Everything it is sprayed on is F-ed Up beyond repair, and this is a temporary solution to a large problem----:D…Looks nice until the shack sells, and hopefully soon because it generally starts falling off in huge chunks after one year…its simply the same as what would be sprayed from a hopper if it was popcorn, but an aggregate instead—:shock:

Guess I read wrong.
Thought there was something about asbestos.

Dale & Brian,

Take a peek at the plumbing section for more on this gem

I have seen this type of thing before. Back in the 70’s a company came out with a product that they said would seal up the exterior of cynder blocks thus creating a dead air space in the void inside. They said it helped insulate the interior of cynder block buildings. It cam in 5 gallon buckets and was applied with a roller. It cracked at every joint after about a year of exposure to the elements. Can’t remember the name of it though. Sorry.