Exterior concrete stairway minimum tread depth

Have a new build with poured concrete steps from the rear porch, that only have a depth of 9.5 inches. I know the minimum depth requirements for treads is 10 inches, which I assume they were trying to meet, however I’m also pretty sure that 10 inches is with a nosing or open risers. If they are solid steps, without open risers and with no nosing, they must be 11 inches.
Want to be sure I report correctly.

It also looks like the rise varies between steps in that photo. Which to me is the bigger tripping hazard than anything else.

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Very slightly. I did notice the top and middle riser being two and a half bricks tall, with the bottom riser being 2 and a third tall(maybe quarter inch). Was not felt however the tread depth was felt.

Good illustration. Thanks.